Welcome to khakhWORLD, my blog that has been created to share with the World my views and the views of others about what is happening or has happened in the World at large.All visitors are welcome to share their views on the past present and future of the world, point out where we have gone wrong in the past, how that has affected our present and what can be done to make the future better for the world.

Over the coming months and years I will be selecting topics that interest me, and hopefully others, and share them with my visitors and open them for your views.All contributions will be welcome and I hope will positively contribute to the future of our planet.

Please feel free to share your views and observations, as well as whatever you see daily around you and which in your opinion might be of interest to others.You can tell us about yourselves and share your highs and lows as well as opinions about anything that is happening around you or in the wide world. No subject is taboo and there are no sacred cows that can”t be slaughtered…My only request is that it should be done gracefully and with finesse and style…


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